The Temple of Great Gods

temple samothraceThe Temple of Great Gods was dedicated to the worship and celebration of the Kaveiria Mysteries. A set of buildings testify the great religious activity in this space. One of the most important buildings of the area is the Ionic entry gate of Ptolemy II, built in 285-280 BC. An impressive building is the circular Arsinoio built around 500 BC with an external diameter of 20 meters, which constitutes the largest indoor circular structure of ancient Greek architecture. The square monument of Philip Aridaios and Alexander IV (323-316 BC ), where the initiation into the first degree of the Mysteries was taking place, the shrine which was a big marble building that played an important role in the worship of Great Gods, the sanctuary where the second degree of initiation was taking place, Stoa that was serving the accommodation of guests of the Sanctuary and the Fountain where was the famous Nike of Samothraki, are some of the buildings that each visitor can admire. Still you will face the holy house, the archaistic recess, the Hellenistic building etc.

The Temple of Great Gods is in Palaiapoli, 6.5 miles from Kamariotissa and it occupies an area of ​​about 50 acres.