Religious Tourism

samothraki_churchesThis is the oldest and most prevalent form of displacement in the history of mankind. Religious tourism is a type of tourism that has experienced major growth in Greece, since many faithful people travel so as to visit places of worship, such as churches and monasteries.

In Samothraki it is said that there are 999 churches scattered in every corner of the island that contribute to the promotion of cultural and historical wealth. Even on the three peaks of Mount Saos there are three chapels. Some of them will ignite your curiosity and create the query on how some people were many years ago able to build on cliffs and steep slopes. A large number of churches is dedicated to Virgin Mary, with their own local names, such as “Krimniotissa”, “Kamariotissa”,

“Paraliotissa”, “Galatiani”, “Kfi”, “Virkiani”, “Anemi”, “Abati”, “Cuku”, “Mandal” and

“Ntiligianouda. “Many churches are also dedicated to Agia Paraskevi, Prophitis Ilias, Agios Athanasios, Agios Georgios, Agios Nicholas and Agios Modestos who is protector of animals and crops.

The monastery of Virgin Krimniotissa is literally hooked on the rocks on the south side of the island, just before Pahia Ammos and it is surely worth a visit. You can enjoy not only the sea view from above, but also the island Imbros. Also, from the church of the Prophitis Ilias that is in the homonymous village you will see one of the best sunsets of your life. Finally, you will definitely meet the church of Agia Paraskevi, which is located at the entrance of the archaeological site of Palaiopoli which sight is turned to the sea.