Gastronomic suggestions

ChaslamasSamothraki has a rich culinary tradition and offers every guest an opportunity to taste the local products, food and sweets. In recent years it has got two women’s cooperatives from which you can buy traditional sweets, homemade pasta, liqueurs and jams, local raki, wine, oil and honey.

During the summer months you can enjoy grilled, fried or coated with coarse salt fresh fish. Also, any kind of seafood cooked with fresh ingredients gives its own flavor and fragrance on your table. Octopus is plentiful on the island and is not only preferred sun-dried or in vinegar as a snack with ouzo or raki, but also cooked with rice.

Wild goats and lambs of Samothraki can be served grilled on a spit, stuffed with rice, livers, onions and other spices, wrapped in parchment paper, cooked with plum and in many other variations. Also, you can enjoy “gorgovrasto” with rice, which means boiled meat in water with rice that has been made from its juice along with milk. Another food is “manti” that is made ​​with homemade crust stuffed with pork mince and onions and when they are cooked we pour them juice from the meat. As for dessert you can enjoy the traditional local sweet “praousto” (a wild plum species that flourishes only in Samothraki).

Other delicacies that you can try:

– Chaslamas: It is a traditional sweet in syrup cooked in griddle with main

ingredient, flour.

– Lioto: It’s braised with tomato sauce and melted nuts.

– Xerotyria: They are dried cheese and mizithra (a kind of soft cheese).

– Zmaroupatou: It’s a pie with winter squash.

– Tyrinopita: It’s a pie with mizithra or feta, rice and milk. It is served sprinkled with


– Tganitelia: They are pancakes with basic ingredient the squash flowers.