Fonias Waterfall

fonias waterfall Fonias Vathra – Waterfall : The largest stream of the island is the stream of Fonias that offers visitors a wide variety of picturesque waterfalls. Following along the creek through the passable trail, and after that walking 30-40 minutes, you meet the first impressive waterfall called “Gria” with a height of about 15 meters. Climbing several meters above, you will see the “Gerania Vathra” with a small waterfall and some more meters above the tallest waterfall of all known as “kleidosi”, with a height of 35 meters. In this course you will encounter the helical waterfall of “Kakia Plaka” and even higher in “Karia”, there are many other small and large vatrhes. However, although access to the first vathra is relatively easy and anyone can approach it, climbing to the next vathres requires much more effort and attention. The area of ​​Fonia is about 17 miles from the port of Kamariotissa and 1 km after the organized municipal campsite.