fauna of samothrakiDuring the autumn and spring the island becomes a shelter for migratory birds that stop here to eat and rest before continuing their long journey. This is where you can meet the so-called Eleonora’s Falcons which are migratory and rare falcons (they nest on the south side of the island), raptors (hawks and eagles), white storks and many passerines. The variety of birds passing even occasionally from the island is a consequence of the fact that Samothraki is an important habitat suitable for nesting and food for many animals.

The huge variety of marine species and fish (over 4000) and the many caves on the island constitute a draw for the monachus-monachus seals and caretta-caretta sea turtles who seek a shelter. Moreover wetland around the island is one of the most important and richest of Greece. Also, across the island you meet the rare species of wild Greek goat that is related to the Cretan ibex the so-called kri-kri. Finally, different kinds of dragonflies, snakes and insects are part of the fauna of Samothraki.