Samothrace is an island in the north-east Aegean , surrounded by the islands of Thassos, Limnos and Imbros Turkish . The distance from Alexandroupolis is about 25 miles. When you arrive on the island of Samothrace you will stop at the port of Kamariotisa . Samothraki has particular physical characteristics , there you will find rugged mountains , therapeutic spas , glittering beaches and raging waterfalls that will take your breath away . It is also an island with a rich history and culture . You can visit the archaeological sites , museums , the traditional settlement of Chora , and swim in the crystal clear waters and cool waterfalls – Vathres ( pools formed by waterfalls ) . Taste the delicious cuisine of the island , fresh fish and seafood . Do not forget to try the traditional sweets , our so-called praousto .

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