Climbing – Hiking

Hiking samothrakiClimbing – Hiking: The existence of the climbing club in the island allows each guest to walk safely on the mountain and enjoy the wildlife. The two famous routes are:

1) The ascent from Therma to the top of the mountain called “Feggari” which is relatively difficult since it requires many hours walking on steep paths.

2) The route to the waterfall of Fonias which is easy and everyone can take part in it.

The most famous route is the one that occurs under the moonlight of August, where the members of the climbing club stay overnight at the top of the mountain so as to enjoy the magnificent full moon of August. Also, paths have been signaled, preserved and cleaned by the members of the climbing club in order to facilitate the access to the mountain. The island offers indescribable hiking trails with lots of color, gorgeous images and memorable scents. However, we suggest that you shouldn’t start such a journey all alone because it is likely to get lost or injured.