Archaeological Museum

Archaeological-MuseumThe Archaeological Museum was built by the American Archaeological mission in Palaiapoli and contains findings from the Americans’ excavations and others were occasionally found by the islanders. The majority of the exhibits comes from the Temple of Great Gods. The museum is maintained by the Greek state and the structure of the exhibition is as follows:

• A Room: Architectural Restoration of wings of buildings

The Dome of Arsinoe

The chamber of dedications etc.

• B Room:  The Marble head of Tiresias

Part of the frieze of the building with the Dancers

Representation of the entry gate of Ptolemy

Exhibits relevant to worship of the Sanctuary

Coins and architectural pieces.

• C Room: Architectural parts from the Building with the dancers and the Sacred House

The headless statue of Nike, a part of the wing and the left hand of Nike

Pottery of the Iron Age and

Metal objects and ritual objects

Grave offerings, signs and findings from the Byzantine period.

• D Room: Burial pots, sets from Necropolis,

Jewelry and coins

Model of the statue Nike of Samothraki that is in the Louvre.