Inland Activities:

In recent years a number of exciting activities are being organized by experienced groups of people. Thus, the visitor can become a part of such a group and dare to cross canyons (Canyoning), to reach the top of the mountain, to climb up (Climbing) or climb down (Rapel) the rocks, and enjoy a bike ride. Let’s take a look at these activities:


Crossing Canyons (Canyoning)

The large number of canyons …

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Climbing - Hiking

Climbing – Hiking

Climbing – Hiking activities on …

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Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing (Climbing)

Mountain Climbing on Samothrace island …

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Abseiling (Rapel)

Abseiling (Rapel):

Abseiling is that usually follows …

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Mountain bike

Alpine bike riding (Mountain bike):

Mountain bike riding on samothraki, off-road …

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