Welcome to border Samothraki…

The ornament of the Thracian Sea, the island of the Great Gods and the island of Aiolos are some of the characterizations that anyone could give to the beautiful border island. It is a suitable place for nature lovers as it combines intense dense vegetation, abundant springs, spas and pristine beaches and of course there is the third highest mountain of the Aegean Sea, the Saos Mountain (Feggari) that comes after those of Crete and Euboea. Feggari which is its highest peak reaches 1611 meters and make its presence significant by affecting the weather of the island. According to mythology, Poseidon (one of the twelve Olympian deities of the pantheon in Greek mythology) was watching from here the evolution of the Trojan War. Impressive archaeological sites, rich tradition, traditional villages, warm hospitality and local food are some of what the island can offer to all the visitors.
It’s a mysterious island that you will fall in love with it or you will hate it!